Anissa Doula Services website header image featuring illustrations of three pregnant female presenting people, side by side. The first and third people are holding their large pregnant bellies and the middle one is applying pressure to their back.


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Hi! I’m Anissa (she/hers)

A smiling light brown skinned mixed race woman with dyed blonde hair with her dark roots showing. She's wearing clear glasses, a green dress with a black cardigan, and smiling big with a plant in the background.

Photo Credit: Sarah Abdel-Jelil

I’m a DONA-trained birth and postpartum doula based out of Minneapolis, MN. I’m passionate about full-spectrum birth work. Recognizing that birth work is reproductive justice work, I strive to be consistently anti-racist in my birth support. My practice is queer-affirming and celebratory of birthing bodies of all sizes. I enjoy supporting people as they grow their families! 

Bodies are magical and complex, and it can feel isolating to undergo tremendous amounts of physical and psycho-social change throughout your birthing journey. Together, we’ll create a trauma-informed space where you can bring as much of yourself as you would like, including your intersecting identities, into your childbirth experience. I’m excited to get to know you and support you as you prepare your body and home for new life!

When I’m not working I’m geeking out about all things religion, technology, and ethics (I graduated from Harvard Divinity School with an MDiv). I’m also a dedicated plant mom – forever on a journey to find optimal lighting in my home, as my pug Luna trails. 

What’s a doula?

A doula is a trained perinatal professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and educational support to a pregnant person before, during, and shortly after childbirth to help them achieve positive health outcomes. A doula does not provide medical care or engage in clinical tasks.

My partner/friend/family member will be supporting me during labor and childbirth, why would I hire a doula?

Community is crucial to supporting birthing people, so the more support the better! However, hiring a doula will make sure that you have a dedicated person whose main responsibility is to provide you with non-judgmental, one-on-one care during a significant physical and psycho-social moment in your life.

A sequence of illustrations of five female-identifying pregnant people in a horizontal row, holding their bellies and backs to care for their pregnant bodies.

Birth support tailored to your needs…

anissadoulaservices@gmail.com | Minneapolis, MN | Dakota Land